June 14, 2024



For those who didn’t see it or don’t know what happened at the CMU/WMU game…

CMU made a devasting comeback and tied the game up with 1:05 remaining in the 4th. Then to go down in play history, WMU drives the ball down to the 6 yard line for a field goal. With 3 seconds on the clock, WMU WINS!!! and CMU goes sulking back to Mt. Pleasant. AWE!!!

Had to gloat some!! It looked like the CMU team fell asleep after they tied it up.

It would be great to hear from you guys!


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One thought on “Football!!!!!!

  1. I was switching between the CMU/WMU game and U of M.

    Your right I think they where so happy just to tie the game, they forgot to play defense on the kick off return!!!

    Oh well, the home team has won for the last 5 or 6 years. So we’ll see next year 🙂

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