June 14, 2024

Matchmaking service available for online Xbox games

GameSpy provides an easy-to-use way for Xbox owners to play games such as Halo online.

Recently, GameSpot reported on a Linux-based utility that lets Xbox owners play system-link games such as Halo, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x, and NASCAR Heat 2002 online. Although the system works relatively well, its setup is rather restrictive and complicated. GameSpy Industries has taken the Xbox’s online capabilities a step further by announcing a simple way for Xbox owners with broadband connections to play system-link games online against players from all over the country. The company is providing its GameSpy Arcade matchmaking service for Xbox game players. Using a Web-based PC and an Xbox console, both connected via Ethernet, players will be able to play Xbox games online and have access to community services such as matchmaking, instant messaging, chat, and more.

Interested parties must first download the GameSpy Tunnel software, which configures the user’s network and enables the GameSpy Arcade software. More information can be found at the GameSpy Web site http://www.gamespy.com/.

By Shahed Ahmed, http://video.gamespot.com/

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