June 19, 2024

Ecom – MeGallery


This is def. the wrong place to ask for something, but I could not find any contact form or email so please excuse me.

Could you possibility explain to me of how you tweaked Ecards and MeG in order they work together. I really like that.

I have simply tried to change the link in the settings ( cgi card version) but it seems not so simple.

I am not a coder so maybe you can share your work.

Thanks a lot in advance.


from www.wintex.net

email pascal@wintex.net

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One thought on “Ecom – MeGallery

  1. Checkout the downloads, Ecards for PN is now there. It will take some work on your part. Leave any questions here.

    You will need to change the config.ini.php file to fit your server.

    I’ll look into Meg next to see what if anything I changed.

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