December 7, 2023

RE: Blogcast: Modify Installations of Office 2003 with the Custom Maintenance Wizard

No matter what you plan for, you will always want to modify your deployment of Office after it’s out in the field. The problem is that Office isn’t a small application and most admins push the install to workstations over a period of time. If you think you can modify the current corporate deployment by a simple transform, think again. The easiest way to modify your deployment of Office 2003 is with the Custom Maintenance Wizard (CMW). The CMW is an application that comes with the Office 2003 Resource Kit and you can create a .CMW file which is like a .MST. There are some differences between a transform and a .CMW file and you need to know how to use them. If you do a full uninstall and then reinstall Office 2003 to make a change, you don’t know the technology available to you.

Office 2003 Custom Maintenance Wizard Part 1

Have you deployed Office 2003 and need to make modifications? The CMW will allow you to make changes on the fly which will not require you to uninstall the full suite and reinstall. Save time and end user down time by using the tools designed to get the job done right the first time!

Office 2003 Custom Maintenance Wizard Part 2

Learn how to use the command line to deploy changes to your workstations. You can’t use a .MSI or a transform file to make the changes for you. See how a few simple well planned steps make changes easy on the fly!

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