May 29, 2024

TagIt Shoutbox 1.1

First, I added two new forums for the FlashGame, one is for any problems,questions,ideas. The other is for trash talking. Enjoy.

Second, I’ve thought about adding a shoutbox to the site, but wonder if anyone would care to use it. Here’s some information about the one I’m looking at, let me know what you think.

TagIt 1.1 has now been released . This version features all currently listed fixes (on parent site) and more features than the 1.0 version.
TagIt is a postnuke based shoutbox that utilizes your postnuke sql database to create a dynamic, real time "chat" module for your postnuke website. This fully customizable shoutbox allows you to use either the module or a block…or even both if you wish! You can allow smilies to be visible or not as well as allow guests to post or not. This shoutbox will automatically use the logged in user’s name to post.

More features, including: html security, database fix, max char for posting, poster IP display for admins, show all link, and more!

TagIt Download Center

Homepage / Demo

[Via pnModules]

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