April 12, 2024

Hard Drive Help

The original question was about Monitoring Hard Drives… something that’s always SMART to do. Last week, I chkdsk’ed my D drive and discovered I have 16kb in a single bad sector. Windows did an admirable job at recovering the data that was sitting on / around the affected area. I was looking longingly at a newer system from Dell (provided their desktops are still top-notch). SATA seems like a solid upgrade from my ATA-100 drives. Their SATA II, RAID 0, 500 gigabyte setup seemed nice – and tremendously overpriced. I believe that next year will be the optimal time to upgrade (new processor, RAM, video, PCI, etc.). But is SATA II palpably faster than good ol’ ATA? Do I dare do SCSI?

[Via Chris Pirillo]

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