June 19, 2024

Integrating hotfixes into your RIS images

Anyone ever had much success getting their patches integrated into their RIS images? We’ve always just used SMS to push out the patches after the RIS but our folks out in the field don’t like waiting up to an hour for everything to come down. And until we had the ITMU, it might need to reboot a few times during the process.

Tim Mintner and I recently played around with a few new ways of pulling it off but ended up resorting to just using a batch file that installs all of the critical patches. It just gets called at the end of the RIS process. This is better but I’ve seen some articles on some other methodologies that have piqued my interest.

1. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/828930/?- This explains how you can use the “/integrate” option to integrate a hotfix into an image.

2. A lot of people seem to be using RyanVM’s update Pack in conjunction with nLite.

The thing is, Tim and I couldn’t get it to work. We tried following some step-by-step directions but the RIS would fail whenever we tried to?install a new workstation. Although I’m not sure that we did actually follow every step exactly so maybe it was our own fault. It sure seems like what we did should have worked though.

So has anyone played around with these and gotten them to work with RIS? I haven’t actually tried using these processes to create a normal boot CD install. If I find some time, I might try that to see if it is just RIS that is causing the problems.

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