May 17, 2024

HDD Fixed…Amazing.

This guy had a seagate hard drive that was reporting bad sectors and he found some software that can repair bad sectors if it is not a physical defect! Read On….

Prior to calling Sun?support for a new HDD (described here), I decided to give a utility called HDD Regenerator as shot.? The author of the software states that "Almost 60% of all hard drives damaged with bad sectors have an incorrectly magnetized disk surface" and that they "developed an algorithm which is used to repair damaged disk surfaces".

Sounded a bit far fetched to me…the hardware guy in me says software can’t fix something wrong with failing hardware.??Regardless?I downloaded the demo that would repair the first sector and quit.? Remember that I mentioned that the Seagate utils were detecting a bad sector, but couldn’t repair or move it.? I knew exactly where it was on the disk since I ran the tool several times.? I ran HDD Regenerator and sure enough it spotted the same sector and "repaired" it.? Hmmm….Back to the Seagate utils, it scooted right over this sector and continued on it’s merry way checking the rest of the disk.? I was psyched and plunked down the duckets for the full version.? 9 hours and 100 repaired sectors later I have a disc that fully passed both the Seagate and Microsoft disk utilities.? Very cool.?


[Via Sun Ray Blog]

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