May 28, 2024

Vizioncore esxMigrator

I was just talking to other vmware users about the process to move to ESX V3. Now I find this. I’ll have to take a look on the pricing for this, but this could be sweet for the right price.

Vizioncore has recently released esxMigrator. esxMigrator provides a powerful tool that can support the upgrade process from ESX Server to VI3, by enabling smooth and seamless migrations to the new platform with minimal downtime even for complex environments.

A GUI-driven management tool to help ease the migration process and enable companies to leverage the new efficiencies of VI3, esxMigrator completes the migration with minimal downtime. The existing production environment can still be used by the workforce, even as individual virtual machines are being replicated and ported to the new production server. During the migration process, the source virtual machine remains intact and [more …]


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