June 19, 2024

Window Clippings 1.2 by Kenny Kerr

Most of the time I blog about Windows Speech related things, but today I found a really neat utility written by Kenny Kerr I just have to share. It’s called Window Clippings. It makes capturing screen shots of Windows applications much easier than the built in PrintScreen capabilities, and it rivals commercially available software, IMO. But, Window Clippings is free.

Here’s Kenny’s motivation for writing Window Clippings:

Window Clippings 1.0 was also born out of frustration. I often need to get an image of an application window for an article I may be writing. Doesn’t Alt+PrtScn do that? Well yes and no. Alt+PrtScn creates an image of the window rectangle, but most people run Windows XP which supports themes that typically draw non-rectangular windows, known as window regions. Even if you’re using the Windows Classic theme, which defaults to rectangular windows, many applications today uses regions directly.

Since 1.0, Kenny’s added a lot of cool new features, and integration with the Windows Vista Desktop Window Manager (DWM) so it works well with Aero glass.

There are many nice things about Window Clippings. Here are two of my favorites:

  • Automatically saves the image in a variety of formats to a pre-defined location on your computer (making the journaling of an experience a lot easier).
  • An option to "clean" up the glass to prevent the glass from looking dirty by seeing thru the glass to what’s behind it.

Thanks for the handy utility, Kenny.

[Via The Galactic Patrol]

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