June 19, 2024

Day 1

We got the mpls connection and switch setup and running with very little issue. Other than not all the routes where setup. But we could at least get back to the root of the forest.

We still have to get the riverbed setup, its currently not working at any of our sites. The guys back in GH are going to get the interforest trust setup for us tonight and the routing fixed. So we should be ready to start migrating users, creating mailboxes and using Altiris to reinstall the workstations tomorrow.

We have some issues backing up the workstations. We are suing zipbackup to a NAS box. I’m concerned that we might miss data, because we are only backing up documents and settings and any other folder the user tells us about. We’ll see I told the IT guy in Shanghai that any missed data is on him.

We had a long day (in the office until 7pm) then went to dinner. Some of the food was good, some ok, and a few things where yuck. But I tried most everything.

I’m dead tired, time for bed.


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