May 28, 2024

The black hole of time

So much for posting daily updates of our progress. So here’s a condensed version:

Day 2 (Friday) – Worked on completing workstation backups,  routing is working, we setup DHCP on a temp server to give out the new IP scheme. Changes the IP addresses on the servers. For lunch we were taking to a dumplings place, it was really good, the building was about 500 years old!

Day 3,4 (Saturday & Sunday) Complete OS installs of all workstations except for 5 Dell precision workstations. The riverbed still was not working, started file server move to Tainjin data center 300GB of data! Migrated users using ADMT and setup mailboxes for them on the exchange 2003 server. Moved MX records

Day 5 (Monday) Work with users all day, waiting for MX records to replicate. Setup printers in Tainjin (Bad idea, way too slow!) Still trying to get precision workstations to work with Altiris.

Day 6 (Tuesday) Decided to manually install OS for precision machines. Figured out I had to allow exchange to accept emails from the china domain even though the users SMTP address was already setup.

Day 7 (Wednesday) We where going to take a half day and see some of the sites in shanghai, that didn’t work out. User issues, outlook offline address book and a general craziness caused us to work until 5pm. Michael REALY wanted to see Huangpu River and the Bund. So we went to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It was cool, but Stuart and I where really tired, so we headed back to the hotel on our own. Two Americans riding the subway and walking back to their hotel, not quite sure of the way….but we made it.

Day 8 (Today) Things are claiming down. I finally got the riverbed working. Its optimizing between Shanghai and Tainjin, but the unit in  Grand Haven still is not working. I’m still having issues with the offline address book. We started the CAD software installs today.

almost everyone for lunch they brought in food from the same place, but it is very similar food. One day they brought us KFC, it was really good. We’ve also been to a “western” restaurant, it was awful! We went to Malone’s one night, good food, good drinks, good time, at least for Stuart and me. Alex and Michael didn’t care for it because it was too loud. We still want to visit the German restaurant and the Zoo before we go. I’ll try to post more over the next few days.


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2 thoughts on “The black hole of time

  1. So you travel half way around the world and end up eating American style fare?

  2. Because we where working such long hours we kept having to eat at the same place. It was consider chinese fastfood. Not even the same as american chinese food. Eating it for 7 days straight sometime for lunch and dinner. Left us craving western food.

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