May 29, 2024

Free on-line alternative to MS Office – Zoho, now in on-line and off-line modes

I’ve tried Google Apps and I wasn’t overly impressed. To me one of the biggest missing pieces was alerts when the document changed. Maybe one of these other products could fit the bill. 

Try this for size? and they are also extending the fuctionality of this to include off-line use as well based on the Google Gears project – more info on this development on their blog at

 Heads up came from TechCrunch

Office Suite

Zoho Writer

Online word processor with collaboration features.
No download, No install, just sign up to create documents. 100% free   Try Now

Zoho Projects

Project management software to create, manage & collaborate online.
Free for 1 project. For more, price starts at $5  Try Now

Zoho Sheet

Online spreadsheet application to create and share spreadsheets on the web. 100% free   Try Now

Zoho CRM

Elegant & Affordable On-Demand CRM Solution
Free upto 3 users. For more, price starts at $12. Outlook Plugin also available Try Now

Zoho Show

Online presentation tool to create, edit, publish, and show presentations. 100% free   Try Now

Zoho Creator

Create Online Database Applications in minutes.
Build Forms, Collect Data and Manage. 100% free  Try Now

Zoho Meeting

Desktop sharing. Web conferencing, Online meetings, Remote assistance Try Now

Zoho Wiki

Wiki with WYSIWYG editor, group concept, versions, sub-pages, draggable sitemap etc. 100% free   Try Now

Zoho Notebook

Create, Aggregate and Collaborate on multiple types of content online. Try Now

Zoho Chat

Unique and intuitive way to make group decisions faster.
100% free   Try Now

Zoho Planner

Online organizer to maintain your todo?s, reminders, notes, attachments etc. 100% free   Try Now

Zoho Mail (private beta)

A web-based collaboration groupware that includes Email Client, Documents, Calendar and more.
On-Demand – Free for individuals. Try Now

Free on-line alternative to MS Office – Zoho, now in on-line and off-line modes

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