July 23, 2024

Build an Inexpensive Network Security Auditor

 I’ll have to give this a try at work this week. I’ll just have to find an old notebook.

It is always important to know what is going on in your network. And, from time to time, you should perform a simple audit of your network just to determine what is exactly happening.

This is something that I do on a regular basis using an inexpensive network auditor that I built.  (Actually, all I did was install a custom Linux distribution designed for security.)

What You Need

Here are all the tools that you need

  • An old laptop (if you want it to be portable) or desktop
  • BackTrack Linux Distribution

It?s pretty easy to find a computer that will work and BackTrack is available for free as an ISO.  This is something that probably everyone could do with what they have available.

Build an Inexpensive Network Security Auditor

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