May 16, 2024

Student Tip: Stopping WinSCP filepart errors


Last week a student on my course gave me a tip. Personally, I perfer to use Veeam’s FastSCP for ESX Server when transferring files from my Windows Desktop to ESX 3. However, occasionally in the lab environments I work in I have to use WinSCP which is slower. One thing I have observed is if I copy a file such as an ISO to a VMFS volume, then WinSCP gives me an error. Basically, what happens is though the files get copied to the VMFS volume – and error occours when renaming the file from say – w2k3sp2.iso.filepart to w2k3sp2.iso. This is caused by the “Resume” feature in WinSCP which is intended to pickup an upload when it fails from where it failed, rather than starting the upload from the beginning. It appears as VMFS doesn’t support this functionality.

The solution to this problem is a work-around. To disable the “Resume” feature in the WinSCP software. I don’t mind doing this. Everything is gigabit in the lab environments I work in and very reliable so I don’t really need the resume feature. To disable the WinSCP “Resume” feature do the following:

In the menu choose, Options and Preferrences
Under Transfer, select Resume
Under “Enable transfer resume for”, select Disable
Under “Automatic Reconnect“, disable “Automatic reconnect session, if it breaks during transfer

Student Tip: Stopping WinSCP filepart errors
Mon, 01 Oct 2007 12:09:50 GMT

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