June 14, 2024

I got my xbox 360

I went to target last night and picked up a xbox 360 and madden 08. They had a deal where I got madden for free. I also applied for a target card and got 10% off the purchase. I’ll pay it off and cancel the credit card when I get the bill.xbox

I got everything setup and was playing last night until about midnight. Its so sweet on my projector!!! 104 inches of 1080i greatness. I’m still learning my way around the xbox dashboard and setup my xbox live account.

Is it best to keep the xbox on and just power off the controller? I’ll get a gamercard and post it here so anyone can add me to their xbox live friends list.

I’m so pumped, when I get a little time I want to work on getting Tversity working with the xbox.


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Jason Benway

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2 thoughts on “I got my xbox 360

  1. I like the Xbox 360. It’s a little bit more expensive, but everything about it is high quality stuff.

    Stan Game Reviewers last blog post..Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories

  2. I got one recently. It is a great console, much better than my old Xbox.

    Ron reviewss last blog post..Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories

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