May 29, 2024

Fatherhood – Raising A Real Man In A Metrosexual World


Trying to raise a real man in today’s world may be harder than splitting an atom.  Everyday our kids are bombarded with images and messages of the most unmanly things imaginable.  Magazines are full of sexually ambiguous models dressed in feminine clothes in homo-erotic poses.  There’s a new book out every month about how you don’t need a man in the house to raise a man.  TV shows typically are full of metro-sexual, gay, and otherwise wimpy male characters, and nearly every Hollywood movie that comes out has at least one homosexual character.  Almost every dad in the movies or on TV is either a miserable lout or a complete buffoon.  At school your kids are subjected to all sorts of programs designed to promote unmanly lifestyles.  Real men have disappeared from history books and have been replaced with politically correct figures.  Any boy reading magazines, attending public school, and watching TV or movies would assume that half of the men in the world are gay, and the other half are metro-sexual or girlie men.  That’s why your job as a father is as tough as it’s even been.  It’s you against the world.

Here’s the key items you can read more about in the article

  • Let them play with boy toys
  • Let them play like boys
  • Do manly activities with your boys
  • Do manly activities with other men and boys
  • Do manly activities with your boys regularly
  • Get them involved in team sports.
  • Teach them guidelines about crying
  • Provide positive reinforcement
  • Don’t save your boys from suffering the consequences
  • Don’t rush them in to manhood.
  • Be firm, but fair
  • Don’t be his friend
  • Show affection

Real Man Magazine – Fatherhood – Raising A Real Man In A Metrosexual World

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