May 16, 2024

The Lions, the ring, and the xbox

What a 4th of July weekend so far. We took Grace to duck lake state parks it was great weather and we all had a great time. Towards the end of the day Melissa and I were playing catch with a football in the water, I reached out with my left hand to make a catch and my wedding ring went flying off, we sent about 20 minutes but we couldn’t find it. Better mine then hers, I can get another ring much easier than Melissa can.

lionssofatc15 Melissa had to work Saturday morning, I decided that Grace and I would pickup some flowers and take them into work to surprise Melissa. Since we where all in Muskegon we decided to do some shopping. We stopped to look for a bed from Grace, I was checking out their home theater stuff and saw they had lionsreclinerbd Lions furniture. I thought Melissa would get a kick out of it so I showed it to her. She went nuts over it and wants to get it for the basement. I like the stuff, but I can’t believe she’s so crazy for it.










We stopped by BestBuy to look at the Flip video and try to find the new two disc version of gears of war. The Flip Video was a bust, they couldn’t get their demo unit to turn on. But I did get Gears of War. Wow, incredible game, but either I’m really bad at it or its really hard!! I played for about 2 hours  tonight. Anyone else get the game recently and want to play co-op let me know.


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