June 14, 2024

Too Human

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I finally signed up for gamefly, the first game they sent me was Too Human. I had played the demo and read the bad reviews, but I thought I’d give this game a try. The demo wasn’t too bad, well I was wrong. After playing for about 3 hours, I’m bored and can’t figure out if/how to heal/recover health. I’m get into major battles see my health getting low so I back away. But I haven’t found any way to recover health without leveling up. I didn’t pick the character that automatically heals.

The fighting system is fun at first but gets boring. The reviews are right the storyline is incredibly bad.

Guess I’ll send it back tomorrow and see what they send me next. I’m hoping for nhl 09 or tiger woods 09, but they are in high demand.


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  1. What is your experience with gamefly? Do you still use them? Would you agree with this gamefly review

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