June 14, 2024

What’s missing from xbox live

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Maybe this is more of a request for EASports games, but I’ll assume its something xbox live could fix.

I tend to play a lot of sports games. I’ve had friends over that have their own xbox live accounts and every time they have to recover their gamer tag even though its listed as a gamer tag to pick when the sign in.

Now for my bigger complaint. My friend brought over his copy of Tiger woods 09. I had already rented this game once and had my golfer profile all setup and my easportsworld account setup. Since we both have Xbox live accounts, I would have like to see his golfer and all of his stats pulled in so we could each us our own golfer and easportsworld account so we could continue tuning our golfers and earning money. Forcing him to use a pre-built or start a new golfer on my xbox, ruins the fun of having friends over to game. The same thing happened when we played madden 08, his record,stats, ring builder achievements within the game did not care over to my xbox.

I really wish the sign-in process was much smoother and ALL the settings,stats,profile details for EA sports games could follow the player no matter where they played.

We still had a great time, he kicked my butt in tiger woods and I beat him by 7 in madden.


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