The 50 Most Unique Representations Of Darth Vader

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I love star wars and Gremlindog has a great list of unique Darth Vader’s, check it out.

Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker; the Republic’s Only Hope; Luke’s Father; the Emperor’s Apprentice; and One of the Most Recognizable Characters in all of Pop Culture.

Darth Vader made us appreciate the power of the force, and gave us reason to cheer on the good guys. He made us sad when we saw how he came to be, and angry at how people pretend to be him at Halloween.

Darth Vader is an icon. And it’s apparent by the massive amounts of toys, posters, art, figurines, videos, and more that people make/build/design of him. However, some people get it all wrong.

See his list at Gremlindog

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