June 13, 2024

Star Wars by someone who hasn’t seen it.

Thanks Leoville for the link.

This is too funny..

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9 thoughts on “Star Wars by someone who hasn’t seen it.

  1. Hi Ben
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure about that Jaiuku I just added a while back.
    I don't watch stats that close I'm to busy having FUN BLOGGING:) Stumbled thanks for stopping BY

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    1. John, thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your site and added it to my
      feed list. Please do the same if you enjoy my site.

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  3. That was brilliant! 🙂 haha I loved the whole 'Hans', 'Han', Hanse?', 'Han!' stuff. Animation was spot on. Seriously, this was better than any of episodes 1-3.

  4. Buaahah. Awesome vid. Too funny. I'm not the biggest fan of Star Wars but now I know what happened there :]

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