April 11, 2024

acted stupidly

WOW, our “president” really knows how to speak and where to spend his time. One the night Mr. Obama is pushing his health care plan, he answers a question about Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates who was arrested at his home and said the police acted “stupidly”. Way to go Mr. President, way to through the men in blue under the bus on TV without knowing all the facts. Obama brings out the race card, screw you Obama its about you covering for your friends. You shouldn’t of even got involved!

Over the last 6 months all our president has done is thrown out the first pitch at baseball games, been on ESPN for his super bowl and finial four picks and caused my future grand children to be in debt for something he is spending now!!

Yet Unemployment is ~10%, the rest of the world is laughing at us and people are already planning for the next presidential election because they want you out of office!

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