May 29, 2024

Great Weekend

I took Friday off and we went Christmas shopping. We where able to get about 80% of it done. I really don’t like crowds so it was nice to get it done early. Melissa and I enjoyed a nice day together. Saturday we worked outside cleaning out the cars and the garage. Brad has really started to move around the house. Its not crawling on all fours yet, still an army crawl. But we have to get ready for him to be fully mobile. We had a wild Saturday night with the family.

Wild night


Sunday we had another great service at Church. Came home and had a pretty low key afternoon. The Lions where fronted with a 14 point lead to start the game and still blew it. The offense looks like every other Lions team over the last 10 years, weak and timid. Stafford looks like he’ll be another Joey Ballgame. The Lions are the Cubs of football.

Tomorrow is going to be a ramp up at work. I haven’t worked a full 5 day work week in 2 weeks. Lots to do and get done.


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