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Looking at a few rss post plugins for wordpress. I want to suck in my google shared and as post. Depending on the plugin maybe even better control of my delicious bookmarks (i’d love to have them post weekly on certain tags not everything everyday)

So far I’ve found three plugins.

Yaab – found in from some comments about one of the other plugins. The site seems to be down, but I found a link to download a version of it. Can’t get much information about it because of the site being down.

From the Authors post:

satheesh December 19, 2008 at 3:04 pm

Dear friend,
I too have made a similar but better plugin called YAAB-Autoblogger. Yaab has all features of wp-o-matic and in addition it can create automatic blog carnivals in your site. Also it supports SMS blogging and Youtube cloning. Ebay product syndication and automated content rewriting are upcoming features. After all I myself is a doctor ( not a programmer ). I started making this plugin for my personal use, but when I doveloped it, it was highly impressing and I have planned to release it for public. Kindly download it from , try it and if possible please review it in your valuable blog
Thank You


WP-O-Matic – Seems to be a fully featured plugin, but from reviews and post it doesn’t seem to play nice with the latest version of wordpress. The plugin author is on twitter (@rauchg) and says the next version is coming, but nothing yet. The current main issue seems to be that it creates multiple post for the same item. There’s a few different ‘fixes’ but none of them seem to be THE fix.


  • Campaigs Feeds and all settings and options are now organized into campaigns for the perfect organization and comfort.
  • Multiple feeds / categories: it’s possible to add as many feeds as you want, and add them to as many categories as you want. It’s not obstrusive, so you can also write your own posts to any of those categories.
  • Every form of XML syndication supported. This includes RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0 formats, the popular RSS 2.0 format, and the emerging Atom.
  • Feed autodiscovery, which lets you add feeds without even knowing the exact URL. (Thanks Simplepie!)
  • Unix cron and WordPress cron jobs For maximum performance, you can make the RSS fetching process be called by a Unix cron job, or simply let WordPress handle it.
  • Comfortable interface. The admin is powered by a state of the art ajaxy interface that lets you handle your feeds with ease. Updated!
  • Images caching for extreme performance and hotlinking bypassing.
  • Words Rewriting. Want to replace the word “Poker” with “Texas Holdem”? We have it covered. Want to use regular expressions? We have it covered.
  • Words Relinking. Define custom links for words you specify.
  • Post templating. Define a global header and footer for the posts, or even for a specific feed. Add ads
  • Campaigns import/export using OPML files. Easily import hundreds of feeds into new or existing campaigns!


feedwordpress – an open-source Atom/RSS aggregator for the WordPress weblog software. It syndicates content from feeds that you choose into your WordPress weblog; if you syndicate several feeds you can use WordPress’s posts database and templating engine as the back-end of an aggregator (planet) website.

Seems be work in the current version of wordpress and is the one I think I’ll try, but its missing one of the options I was hoping for: To be able to limit the number of words pulled from the rss feed then just have something like continued at source with the link. I’m also not sure if this pulls any images to your server so you are not leaching bandwidth.

If anyone has more information about these plugins or other options please let me know.

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  2. Thanks for the post, I'll check out your link. I'm just looking for a semi-automated way to fill out the site, I don't want my sites to turn into spammy reblog sites. Because I'm cheap and don't make much on my sites I won't pay for a plug-in

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