May 28, 2024

They grow up so fast

Water fun

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I can’t believe my little girl is 3 1/2 and we are looking into pre-K for her already. I remember when she was born, it seems like yesterday she just started to walk. Wow, the miracles that are children, they can only be a blessing from God.

Brad has started standing by himself yesterday. Its funny because he gets a big grin when he’s standing there like he knows he’s doing something new and special. He’s eating normally food like a champ, but doesn’t have any teeth yet.

I look back over the last 3+ years and realize how much kids change you, everything changes, your world gets turned upside down and you realize it doesn’t matter.

We are planning Brad’s first birthday, its going to be a monkey theme 🙂

So before you go to bed tonight, grab your children and give them a big hug. Forget about whatever stress or issue you might have had for the day and just remember how special your kids are and how luck we are to be parents.

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