May 16, 2024

Tell Obama to Start Over Now

Just got this in an email from the GOP

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After pledging to listen to Republican ideas at this Thursday’s photo op- er, "bipartisan health care summit," President Obama has decided to stick with the Senate Democrats’ health care legislation, a bill that Americans have already rejected as a massive restructuring of our economy that is a short walk down the road to government run health care. He’s rejected alternative methods of tackling our health insurance crisis before hearing them. He’s betrayed the American people’s trust.
President Obama’s liberal allies on Capitol Hill are going to try to jam this unwanted monstrosity of a bill down your throat. But you’re not powerless. You can stop the march of liberalism by signing this petition urging President Obama and his allies to join with Republican leaders to start over on health care reform.
It’s time to do away with bills crafted in the dead of night behind closed doors by a team of statist liberals. Instead, we must develop sensible bipartisan legislation that respects individual rights and the Constitution of the United States. It is more important now than ever to send a clear unambiguous message to Washington. Sign the petition today to make your voice heard!
The GOP Action Team



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