April 11, 2024

3 Ways to Set Your Blog Apart From The Rest

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The internet is blossoming with blogs at an unbelievable rate. Blogs have given anyone and everyone the ability to write about the things that interest them, and for those using the internet to promote business, services, or publishing credentials, blogs are important tools for search engine optimization (SEO), networking, and building expertise.

Content remains king on the Web. Original and helpful content maximizes your blogging efforts. With the sheer volume of blogs out there, how can you make sure your blog stands apart from the millions of others?

Here are three ways to stand out.

Use Everyday Observations

By being a blogger, you are essentially a writer. Every great writer is a natural observer. Use examples of what you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste in your writing.

That women dressed in her pink bunny pajamas you saw in the grocery store and the driver bobbing his head to some unheard beat have great potential for all kinds of analogies. The world is your food for creative ideas.

Use Your TV Time

Flip through your cable or Dish Network channels for quips, quotes, and ideas. TV shows, movies, and commercials offer all kinds of ammunition for your idea arsenal.

Not everyone likes Star Trek, but if you were to write, “This car rides as smooth as the Enterprise at warp speed”, just about everyone is going to get the reference. Plus, you’ve just added a few juicy little attractors to your blog – Enterprise and warp speed.

Use Your Voice

No two people have exactly the same experiences, not even twins. The lens in which you see life and interpret it is your most important tool. The most attractive thing about blogging is the ability to write how you talk. Put your unique spin on things and express yourself as you are.

Value your uniqueness, analyze the things you watch, and be observant. And don’t forget to spell check!

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