May 16, 2024

Can You “Get Rich Quick” with Pay-Per-Click?

Adsense is a clever Google-operated marketing tool that can undoubtedly be a profit maker. Small ads appear as rollovers on a web page then the site owner is paid per click (PPC) and more if the user makes a purchase. The pay–per-click rates are not very high.

Any ideas of setting up a blog, for instance, and making some real money through this type of marketing, will not do so without high visitor throughput. The click rate is going to be a small percentage of the visitor count. So with only 100 PPC clicks a day, the “vast profit” made is about $10. That won’t even pay to have content written each day for a typical blog. Getting 10,000 people to go to your website daily may well only put you in the low income bracket!

Marketing devices that do make money are almost always aimed at a mass-market. These require daily visitor counts of 100,000 or more. The click-through rate is then going to be more in the thousands mark, making perhaps a few hundred bucks a day.

The TV campaigns that claim to make you rich are nearly all a waste of time. Most will require the purchase of their “get rich today from the comfort of your own home” pack. These are invariably cheesy marketing videos telling users how to run an online business. All the ideas are usually well out of date and anyone who is capable of running these businesses is probably already doing so.

Online marketing is mostly done successfully by those in the profession. Getting rich quick is exclusive to the very few that come up with some great new idea.

Most online workers, like the author of this article, have to work hard day in day out to earn a regular wage – There’s barely time for a quick game of beer pong!

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  2. Essentially, pay per click marketing is a reasonably minimal cost technique of producing elevated visitors to your website. This advertising is incredibly versatile and can provide an instantaneous return on investment.

  3. well of course, everyone loves to get rich but not everyone would love to do hard work *:`

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