May 28, 2024

How To Track Google SERPs

SEO: How To Track Google SERPs

OK, your web site is up and running.

Chances are, though, you are making plenty of changes to give it a better chance of appearing in the top pages of search engines like Google.

While you are making changes to your sites keywords you need to know what effect these changes are having, preferably without carrying out loads of manual searches.

This is something many people don’t fully appreciate, and they often don’t realize that there are some tools out there to help make the task easier.

Essentially, all these tools tell you where your sites appear in the Google ranking pages so that you can focus your market research and improve the ranking of your sites.
You could always do it manually, of course, but I’m sure that there are other things that you’d rather be doing with your time and as these tools are generally free then you might as well use them to your advantage.

SEO Tools Rank Checker

If you run Firefox as your internet browser, then you might find that Rank Checker is a useful add-on.
It can save a history for each of your searches, so it is easy to see changes to your ranking over time, and you can set it to run searches at regular intervals if you wish.
You do need to set up an account with SEOBook to get it, but as it’s an application that runs on your computer.

Serprank SERPs

The Serprank SERPS script is simple and fast.
No download is required for this one as it is web based, and it allows you to enter as many keywords as you like,
though I think you shouldn’t use more than a couple at a time.
Just enter your keywords or phrases and the website URL, and it will report the ranking.
On the downside, it doesn’t offer a way to export results or view a history, but it’s still a useful tool for a quick check.


SEOChat also offers a web based lookup. It’s simple to use and has an advantage in that it allows you to check the position of the keywords in Yahoo and Bing.

Easy SEO Tracking

Finally, my new service SEO Tracking Service offers a web based tool which is very straightforward.

Google SERP Checker is web based and all you need to provide it with is your website URL and the keywords you are interested in. It will then display on screen the Google page ranking for that site using those keywords. In addition, if you create an account with them you gain the ability to track your websites current and previous positions, which is useful for spotting quickly when changes need to be made.


So there you have a few ways you can monitor your Google SERP.
Try them out with your site and keywords and work out which one suits you best.

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  2. What ought to I do to have my web page for the top of google do I have to have to hire an seo corporation or can I do it myself thanks for the help

  3. Some excellent tools and I wasn’t aware of most of them as I use another tool. The firefox one particularly stands out for me as it seems like a very quick way to look at ranking.

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