April 15, 2024

Pandora and Last.fm

Which reminds me, I have to change the channel.

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I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of both Pandora and Last.fm

I never really used last.fm to listen to music, more for the social sharing of what I was listening to and what I like (I know everyone cares what type of music I like)

For a long time I used openpandora to listen to my pandora stations, post my likes to last.fm and change the status of my Windows live messenger to the current song. Great software, but I did feel like i was sorta cheating the pandora site of ads or something. Plus the post to twitter and facebook didn’t work to well from openpandora because the the compact web UI.

Once I moved to Windows 7 x64 I decided to look for another way to combine pandora and last.fm. I started using the firefox plugin lastfm. it works great, but last week I found that pandora has its own RSS feeds of your recent song list. I could add this to friendfeed or any other mashup that supported RSS and share out the list. Since not many of my friends us last.fm anymore. I don’t see why I continue to try to update it. But I do like updating my Live messenger status with what I’m listening to in pandora. but that’s something for another day.

What about you? What online music services do you use and how/or do you share your playlist,favorites,etc?

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14 thoughts on “Pandora and Last.fm

  1. I never even knew there was a system like this for music lovers this is all news to me. I'm really excited to create my profile and check it out!

    Thanks for the info I'll make sure to add you as well.

  2. I have tried briefly with Last.fm few years back but just like you I'm more of a 'sharing' type. Listened to a couple of song suggestions from Twitter friends and that's pretty much it. 🙂 Thanks for notifying me about Pandora, I haven't tried it but it's good to know it updates live messenger status as certain softwares do too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  3. I think pandora is the best online music site.
    I really like your site and your post, if your ever interested in guest posting here, I'd love to have you.

  4. I've never used Pandora, I use Last.fm a lot for streaming music, finding new artists and scrobbling my iPod.

    I'll have to give Pandora a spin 😉

  5. Hi Jason, I don't like using Pandora too much. I'm very picky about what I like listening to and I don't really want a service to “suggest” things that I might want to hear. I know which specific songs I want to hear when I visit an online music site. Therefore I use Blip.fm. Most of the time I can find exactly what I want and the social aspect allows me to easily view other users playlist with similar tastes. It's more personal than a playlist generated by an algorithm.

    There is some integration between Blip.fm and Last.fm but I haven't explored it yet.

    I like Jazz, R&B, Rock and some Hip Hop. Here's my playlist if you want to check it out http://blip.fm/profile/MsIleaneSpeaks/playlist

    Thanks for the post.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. I've tried blip but I never “got it” When I'd search for a song I wanted to hear, it seemed to always pull up youtube videos of the songs.
    Maybe I'll give it a try again.

  7. I've use Blip.fm quite a lot in the past, but lately, the tracks that it finds aren't available or as you say it ends up with a youtube video!

  8. Oh I love last.fm – I’ve met a few good people there, and their radio has introduced me to a ton of new bands I hadn’t heard of. I’ve spent an incredible amount of time reading band bios, curious how much work they had to put in to get where they’re at.

  9. I use Pandora all the time – I love it! I am going to have to look into combining it with last.fm

    Thanks for the tip!

  10. I use grooveshark because Pandora is not available in my region. Grooveshark has the share feature through which you can broadcast the music you listen to twitter, facebook etc. and if you are a premium member, the music you listen to is scrobbled to Last.fm. If you have not tried out Grooveshark yet. I suggest you try it, it is free and the premium membership costs only 3 $ per month.

  11. I’m personally a bigger fan of last.fm and due to the various gig sponsorship they put on I think they are going to be around for a while.

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