May 16, 2024

New in Town? No stress!

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When you’re moving to a new area with your family, finding all the resources you need, and doing it gracefully, can be quite the challenge. There’s also the potential culture shock of a new region with new friends and activities- sometimes your self esteem can take a blow because you feel lonely or like you don’t fit in. You need to make sure that you can find your way around, so you can get the things you need to maintain the lifestyle you want, and become a part of new communities to keep your personal mojo flowing. Here are a few great tips to easily navigate and start your life again in a new place.
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Why did you move to the area? The most frequent answer to this question is the move happened because of a new job. If this is the case, your job provides a network of new acquaintances who will provide a foundation for your social network in the new region. Don’t be hesitant to ask your new colleagues about the area, since most people are excited to talk about the activities, places, and groups that they have come to enjoy. Don’t expect a tour guide, but don’t be afraid to ask your new work associates or neighbors about their preferred areas and activities.

You can also expand your social network dramatically in the new area while discovering some fun activities. One of the best ways to go about this is to continue in your old hobbies while pursuing new personal interests. You can look for groups that are engaged in volunteer work, music, hiking, sports, or any number of other activities. Not only do you get the chance to become a part of these communities, but you have more people to help guide you in your new area. These groups can often be found through bulletin boards, online classifieds, or through simple web searches.

Check Out Bulletin Boards

Most communities have a number of “public bulletin boards.” These bulletin boards can help you find out about new restaurants, things to do in the area, groups that are starting, or any number of other things that might interest you. You can find bulletin boards of this nature at local coffee houses, music stores, libraries, community centers, and churches. In addition to providing online bulletin boards, some cities have local publications that highlight many of these same things.

Go High Tech

One easy way to start exploring is by conducting a Google Maps or Map Quest search for the sort of business you’re trying to find. There are also several major websites, including the city search guides and the uptake “things to do” search, which allow you to effectively check out the most prominent activities, tasty restaurants, and areas of interest in your new region. You can use tools like these to fill your weekends and expand your network.

You’ll also need to find a doctor, a dentist, babysitters, lawn care specialists, and other service providers in your new region. You can check out web review sites, online classifieds, and your insurance provider’s “approved” list for your region to find these new and important service providers.

Keep all these in mind, and when that day comes to move your family for a job re-location- or simply just relocating yourself- you’ll know how to navigate and stay on top of yourself without feeling low or out of place.

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