June 19, 2024

Saving money by dropping UVerse

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It wasn’t the service or the technology, it was the cost. We where paying about $110 for TV and internet. The DVR was good, but we really didn’t use the DVR extender downstairs much and since we are working the Dave Ramsey plan we needed to cut the bills. So we moved back to Charter for internet and basic cable, now we are down to $40 dollars a month.

Much better, but we did add Netflix since we can use it to stream to both the Wii and Xbox 360 for $8.99 a month. Netflix doesn’t have current season TV shows but there is enough there between older TV and movies. The streaming though the Wii has worked great!!

The biggest thing we still miss is Fox News, especially Glenn Beck, and PTI.

Hulu just announced their paid subscription service (still in beta) for $9.99. Well they do have the current season of a lot of TV shows, I don’t think they carry Glenn or PTI and they currently don’t support the Xbox 360 (coming later) or the Wii.

Time will tell, but I hope between Netflix and Hulu its a new way to watch TV at a lower price.

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4 thoughts on “Saving money by dropping UVerse

  1. Jason, I never heard of Uverse before but it’s easy to see how those rates can add up. I just got Verizon FIOS because it just came to my area – finally! Now I get phone, internet and TV for a cheaper price than I was paying for just phone and internet before!

    That comes from all of the competition they have with Comcast. It’s good for the consumers that we have so many choices.

    I doubt if I will sign up with Hulu now that I have FIOS. I spend most of my time on the internet anyway. 🙂

    1. UVerse is a service thought ATT similar to Verizon FIOS. But they don’t do fiber to the house just to the local hub.
      I’ve heard Comcast is VERY expensive.
      We are still using Vonage for phone at $10 a month including long distance its hard to beat.

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