May 28, 2024

Love your DVR?

The DVR is almost as expected as HD TV now. In 2010 34 percent of all TV households own or lease a DVR.

There are many different options when you comes to DVR’s

Most cable and satellite companies have their own DVR option, for example Time Warner Cable and Dish Network both have sweet units.

Some of these can even be networked so you can record a show on one receiver and watch it on another TV. When I had Uverse we used their network DVR. You had to do all your scheduling and recording on the main unit, then you could watch the shows on any of your cable boxes.

If you don’t want to rent one from your cable/satellite company you can always buy one. Tivo is the grand daddy of DVR’s and has some really solid units. You’ll have to purchase the unit and pay a monthly fee to Tivo. Plus you’ll need to use a cable card or a IR blast to get the encrypted channels from your TV provider.

If you are running Windows 7 with media center you can put a TV tuner card in your computer and use it as a DVR. You’ll need the same cable card from your TV provider if you want the encrypted channels.

The first DVR we got was from Charter cable, my wife didn’t think we needed one. Within a month she was hooked and saw the value. Now that we have two children the ability to watch the shows when we want is a necessity.





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2 thoughts on “Love your DVR?

  1. Hey Nice post on DVR. You are right it is getting popular now days. It is the best option for working ladies and match addict families. Now who won’t like to see his favorite program according to his own will.

  2. I have a child, so DVR is a necessity to me as well. If I didn’t have one, then I would never be able to watch “big people” tv.

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