May 29, 2024

10 Tips for Running a Multi Author Blog

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Running a multi-author blog presents many challenges. There are coordination issues. There are standards which must be written. There is the ever-present threat of plagiarism. These tips will help you coordinate and streamline your multi-author blog.

  1. Write down a plan – Your authors may hail from all over the world, which means that you will have very little (if any) face-to-face contact about your blog. When your blog moves away from being a single person venture, you need to have rules and guidelines to follow. As the leader, it is your goal and responsibility to make sure that everything is running smoothly.
  2. Investigate prospective authors – When a new author comes to your doorstep, it is your job to investigate them and their work. Read the comments which are left on their personal blogs and ask your other guest bloggers how they feel about this particular individual. Removing yourself from a contract is harder than refusing to initially sign the contract.
  3. Schedule your blogging activities – Give deadlines to each member of your team. Have a master schedule of events within your blogging organization. While scheduling posts becomes easier with practice, it reduces any confusion that your team of bloggers may have. Use Basecamp if you need a great project management tool.
  4. Honesty with your expectations – Let the authors know what they can expect with your blog. Treat individuals with respect and care for them. This group of individuals is your team, gathered from the far reaches of the world to make something larger than themselves. Honesty is not only good practice, but good business.
  5. Build real lasting friendships – You are in a socially connected world, so take time to focus on building up a relationship with your bloggers because they need to know that their work is appreciated and respected. Talk with them about their passions and interests. Bloggers are more likely to produce better work when that work is appreciated – friends encourage and respect one another. Encourage your team to follow and embrace their own passions.
  6. Revenue Sharing – Have a transparent revenue sharing program in place before you start enticing more authors to your blog. Many individuals want to know about what benefits that they will receive for doing something. When you leave everything in the open, you are encouraging trust and honesty.
  7. Set up regular meetings – Provide avenues for your authors to meet and discuss issues. Arrange a weekly meeting through Skype where each blogger can talk about their ideas for future blog topics and get feedback on published posts. This will give everyone involved a sense of direction which can be carried throughout the week. It also encourages team solidarity.
  8. Encourage linking – As part of your guidelines, make sure that your authors read the other posts contained within the blog. Encourage cross-linking within the posts so that you receive the maximum SEO benefit. Everybody wins when the blog ranks higher within the search rankings because more visibility potentially means higher revenues.
  9. Steamline the editing process – Multi-author blogs need to have an editor. This person acts as a central point of contact for the blog, as well as making sure that each post lives up to the expectations provided. An editor will also spot any technical errors within the text, correcting them before sending the articles to print. Incorporate an editor into the process before hiring your first author to keep things running smoothly.
  10. Above all, have fun – Running a multi-author blog is hard work, but it can be a great amount of fun too! Do not lose sight of the enjoyment which is had from spreading opinions and becoming respected in the community. Make sure that all of your authors enjoy their work, and you will create a successful multi-author blog.

There are many rewards to running a multi-author blog. You can offer more content to readers. You can take a day off from your personal publishing schedule. You provide the direction, but you do not have to do all of the work. Running multi-author blogs can be exciting.

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