April 18, 2024

3 SEO Methods That You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time On

There are some SEO tactics that are completely dead and some of them that are just semi-dead. Since Google tries to eliminate the value of anything that it sees as spam, you should be aware that not everything you read out there will benefit you SEO wise like you think it may think. Although they do have a little value in SEO, they only become really valuable if you do it in large quantities. Sometimes however, it just isn’t worth it to follow the next three SEO techniques.

Do Not Believe all the Hype About Article Directories

Article directories can be useful, but for the most part your time will be better spent elsewhere. The only time article directories become very valuable is when you do a very large quantity of them. If you do this, then it becomes worth your time because article directory submissions are the only type of writing where quantity comes close to the importance of quality. The only problem with this is that it can A) become very expensive or B) it can become very time consuming. If you have the money, and if you have the right type of web site that this type of marketing can benefit from then you should pull the trigger because with the right amount of article directory submissions you can gain a lot of traffic and exposure for your web site. If not you should spend more time guest posting because that kind of marketing will better suit your needs anyways.

Stay Clear from Free Link Directories

Instead of spending mass amounts of time submitting your site to worthless link directories, save up the money it takes to get listed in some directories that actually matter. There are some really good link directories out there that are relatively cheap, and even the cheapest ones are better than the free ones. There are some good free link directories out there, but for the most part 80% to 90% of them will be a complete waste of time because Google attributes no value in them what so ever.

Signing up for Forums and Spamming Blogs with Comments

Once again your time will be better spent elsewhere. Google does not like this method at all, and doing these types of methods may get you into more trouble than actually helping your web site’s rankings. This also goes along with guest posting on blogs that were created solely for the purpose to make money of charging people for guest posting. These sites can sometimes have fake page rank numbers to make them seem like good blogs, but when you look at the traffic that it gets you will find that the blog actually has no value at all. People that own forums and blogs do not like to see this type of spam posting, and for the amount of time that you put into spamming, you could have actually made your web site 10 times better as far as value and on-site SEO. If you do not have the time it takes to put in valuable SEO work, then consider hiring someone that provides SEO services.

If you ask yourself the question “Is Google trying to prevent tactics like these?” and the answer is “yes.” Then you should stop right there and start putting the time in that will help your web site’s SEO in the long run. You will be better off for it.

4 thoughts on “3 SEO Methods That You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time On

  1. Nice post as lots of people seem to promote these types of SEO methods like they will get a site to page one in no time at all. I think the process of simply getting links from good quality, those with good page rank, have a decent age and not to many external links, will get a website higher in the search engines. Its about quality not quantity.

  2. I totally agree on article directories not being great. The best method i have found for building links to to look for contextual relevant pages that allow post. I just happen to be looking at your site for seo information. Have a great day.


  3. I believe if you submit quality articles into well established sites like ezinearticles, goarticles etc…, it is a good way of doing SEO.

    Also writing good articles on hubpages etc… can get you very good links if your aricle is informative and many people like it.

  4. I think that many people view SEO as a sort of magic pill that will enable them to suddenly become the top in their area or niche. SEO doesn’t change the basic premise that in order to increase sales and revenue, you have to be extremely good at your job. Well utilized SEO can definitely increase profits, but it will not make up for a lack of ability. Like any other form of marketing – if your product or service sucks, then advertising alone is not enough.

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