March 1, 2024

8 Uses for your iPhone and Blackberry

iPhones and Blackberrys are some of the most popular styles of smart phones on the market- almost every cell phone user has some make or model of these popular phones. So why all the fuss and hoopla over these various smart phone models??

Blackberrys and iPhones are popular phone choices because of the number of different ways they can be used. With over a thousand different functions and downloads your smart phone can do just about anything out there, and are great for any profession.

Here is a look at some of the eight most common ways people use iPhones or Blackberrys.

Word Processor

Your smart phone can double as a simple word processing system. You can write out grocery lists, articles, blog posts or even your college essays right inside the smart phone word processing system. When you’re done just attach it in an email and send it to your computer.

Control Electronics

You have the power to control over nine different types of electronic devices just with the press of a button on your smart phone. With a simple download you can program your smart phone to serve as a remote control for your TV, DVD and stereo system. With a, app like VLC Remote, you can control VLC player on your computer from your phone.

Internet Browser

You won’t be able to have the same surfing experience as a traditional computer but smart phones can serve as great internet browsers- once you get over the tiny-ish screen. Whether you just want to check an address of a local restaurant or gather some quick information you can browse the Internet right from your smart phone. Not to mention, there’s plenty of apps (like Yelp!) where you can


The iPhones and Blackberrys have some great built in cameras so you will never have to miss out on a photo opportunity again- actually, my iPhone takes better pictures than my actual digital camera does. There’s also the HDR capabilities in the iPhone 4. These smart phones double as a video camera and digital camera all in one.

Office Phone

If you don’t want your office contacts calling your personal number,  iPhones can double as a separate office line. Programs like Line2 allow smart phone users to create a second line that can be used as an office line. All calls go directly to the smart phone and do not need to be sent to a physical location. Definitely nice if you’re trying to be evasive, or just keep your private life separate from your personal.

Entertainment Center

Smart phones come with the wonderful function of serving as a built in entertainment center. Whether you just want to watch a movie, listen to some music or play some video games it can all be done directly on your smart phone. No need to lug your tablet or laptop around with you if you don’t need to.

Alarm Clock

Toss that alarm clock out the window because the smart phone is replacing it on your bedside table. Smart phones come with the ability to set multiple alarms that will wake almost anyone up. Gone are the days of having to reprogram the alarm clock for weekends or nap time it can all be programmed right into your smart phone. I actually use mine every morning. I have an iPhone and I use the really annoying fire alarm sound. Yup- needless to say, I wake up on time everyday.

File Transferring

Your smart phone can double as a file transferring system. All smart phones have a USB outlet that allows you to plug it into the computer, download the files and take them to another computer. You can also use programs like DropBox– a cloud service which allows you to upload documents for easy access across many platforms.

There are over a hundred different uses for your Blackberry or iPhone with more being invented everyday- who knows what new, exciting feature or use for an iPhone/Blackberry will appear next… maybe you’ll be able to click a button, turn it into a jet ski and go play on the lake. 🙂