May 16, 2024
ThreadSMS Pro 1.97

ThreadSMS Pro 1.97 (Review)

ThreadSMS Pro 1.97ThreadSMS Pro 1.97

Do you have a Symbian phone? Well, I assume you have. Then you stumble on an iPhone, and you see its threaded messaging feature. Well, of course it can amaze your wits.

The ThreadSMS Pro 1.97 from eHandySoft is a Symbian application that provides this iPhone-like threaded messaging to your phone. It serves S60 3rd edition and 5th edition as well. It comes with a lot of cool features with the price of $14.95.  Isn’t that a great deal?

I have been using it’s trial version, and I am amazed on how the interface looks.

Cool Features

  • User interface varies from different settings: light white, dark gradient, and your own system theme.
  • You can privatize your SMS thread by providing a password!
  • Filter spam SMS.
  • Creative emoticons/smileys to emphasize what emotions you’re pertaining when sending a text message.
  • Message skins comes with the package. Be it like an iPhone or Doraemon and many more!

Photo from: eHandySoft



The trial product needs to be signed, and of course I signed it. The product was easy to install and there is no lags or bugs. I like it.


Although every time I send a message through ThreadSMS, there’s a “upgrade to pro” thing at the end of the message, I was able to use it with ease. This makes ThreadSMS cooler than third party applications for your Symbian Phone.

Be sure to get one now!

One thought on “ThreadSMS Pro 1.97 (Review)

  1. This is pretty cool. I never liked the default symbian SMS’ing – it’s boring, while threaded messaging is fun and aesthetically appealing too. I’ll have to give it a go! Thanks for the review, Arden.

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