May 16, 2024

Make yourself at Home- Tips for Easy Travel with Family

Staying in hotels while traveling has long been the preferred way to travel, but the Internet has made finding rental homes all over the world no more difficult than a few keystrokes.

Staying in a rental property has many advantages (especially when you’re traveling with a family and kids), but some may find staying in another home to be uncomfortable.

The following seven tips will help you make yourself at home while staying in a rental home- so you feel like it’s yours for the vacation rather than a strangers. Aside from their furniture, of course!

Your Own Pillow

Rental homes are going to have all the bed linens you’ll require, but there’s nothing that makes a bed more comfortable than your own pillow. Always bring your own pillow if practical and you’ll have a much better sleep.

Your own bed linens will also make the bed feel more like your own, especially if you have trouble sleeping in a strange bed.

It’s also more comforting to your kids to have their own pillow that they recognize, rather than a generic white pillow case.


Nothing says home like having Fido greet you at the end of the day and curl up at your feet. Many rental homes are pet-friendly, though they might ask for a small surcharge to cover the extra cleaning.

Always inquire when booking; never assume that pets are accepted. Sites like HomeAway can show you which homes are pet-friendly while searching for the perfect rental home.


Most vacation rentals have fully equipped kitchens, so make use of them! Rather than dine out three times a day, consider eating breakfast and lunch in your rental. That way the aroma of home cooked meals will perfume the air making it feel more like home, and it will greatly reduce your out of pocket expenses.

Not to mention, you can cook healthier food instead of grabbing hotel breakfast each morning.


Few things are more inviting than fresh flowers. Arrange to have fresh flowers delivered to your rental home after you’ve arrived. This small touch can brighten up any space and make you feel more welcome.

Personal Items

Personal items are the touch that turns any house into a home. Bring a picture of your spouse for the night table, or let the kids bring a favorite toy or two to help them feel more at home.

Your robe or slippers are another thing to consider bringing, and a small sound machine can mask the sounds of a strange house or traffic.

Bathroom Essentials

Vacation homes will provide you with all the towels you might need, but if staying for an extended period of time, consider bringing your own. You can save space with travel sized items. Also bring along your own shampoos, lotions, and other essentials to make the property feel more homey.

Packing the same air fresheners as you use at home is another way to make the property feel more comfortable.

Doing Laundry

Most rentals will have on-site laundry facilities and will likely have provided soap and fabric softener. Nothing smells more like home than your own soap and softener so bring it along for a familiar scent to linens and clothing.

Part of the allure of rental homes to vacationers is that they’ll have everything at hand for a great holiday. More economical than hotels, rental homes can also quickly be personalized to make it feel more like a home away from home.

These tips will help you get settled quickly so that you can make the most of your vacation.

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  1. I got some useful tips from your post and please give some more tips. Thank you very much.

  2. Looks like you will be traveling with almost everything so as to feel at home in another house :). This tips are awesome and they can really help someone who is on holiday and has rented a place. These small things will make a person enjoy the holiday without missing home so much.

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