May 29, 2024

Projector Accessories for Your Inner Drama Teacher

I’m going to take a boring subject and make it exciting! Whether you teach or enjoy showing off your favorite photographs, you will need projector accessories for your inner drama teacher- we all want the dramatic effect of having our work BIG and in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s dramatic. Which is exactly what we want.

A projector provides an excellent way to showcase the material you want to share with others and, best of all, you can do it with a large screen that has excellent picture quality so that your viewers are able to focus on your work without having to strain their eyes or look at a small computer screen. Just be sure to kick anyone who wants in front of the screen when showing pieces.

You’ll need the right projector accessories to make the most out of your projector- as with anything electronic. Accessories help tremendously- especially when it comes down to choosing the right projector screen.

So to go over the basics, there’s a variety of projector accessories. Although many of these items are included with your projector, it can be good to have extras in case you need them… since we all know how terrible it is when we have a presentation or something to show, and we’re dealing with broken or missing accessories.

Now, some of these might seem pretty “duh”… but trust me. You’ll need them all.

  • Remote controls
  • Projector lamps
  • Optional lenses
  • Lens covers
  • Projector cases

Remote controls

Remote controls are handy to have when you are giving a presentation so that you can walk around the room and change the projector frame with the click of a button.

Projector lamps

Projector lamps are typically an item that you will replace only when needed, but it can be an excellent idea to have a spare one available in case the lamp burns out.

Optional lenses

Optional lenses can be helpful in showcasing your material in razor-sharp images. Just like when choosing a camera lens, you don’t want the least expensive that is available. Instead, you want a lens that will give the viewer the best possible image that pops off of the screen.

Lens covers

…unfortunately I couldn’t find an image for this. ha.

Lens covers are there to protect your precious lenses, and you should always keep a few extra because they can be easily misplaced.

Projector cases

Projector cases protect your projector. You’ll need a case that is rugged but has a protective layer for your projector. There are some that are perfect to take on an airplane with handles and rolling wheels. Others are more stationary and, while they can be transported, they are more at home in a building or office rather than on the road.

The point is, if you are serious about your dramatic work, then you need to have all of the materials possible to make your presentation a hit. These include projector accessories that help ensure a flawless presentation. When buying projector accessories, take into account the amount of traveling the projector will be doing, as well as the normal location of the projector and the types of slides you have.

So, projectors are fun. They can be used as both a home theater, or in a professional setting for presentations. Either way, you need to be prepared and get all the right accessories- especially if you’re new to the “projector” lifestyle.

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