May 28, 2024

5 Reasons to Find a New Car

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t need even one reason for embarking on a quest that will lead you to finding a new car. However, if you absolutely feel as though you must have something to tell anyone who may ask why, we’ll give you five.


1. You’re a business owner or purchaser for a business who wants to take advantage of the 2011 tax breaks your business will receive. These tax breaks are available to businesses whose owners, purchasing agents, or other authorized representatives are tasked with finding a new car, purchasing it, and putting it into use between September 8, 2010, and December 31, 2011.

If you’re not the boss, it may be the business that gets the tax breaks but you may have been promised a bonus if you make this happen. If you weren’t promised a bonus, you’re can use the fact that you saved your business $X by getting it those tax breaks to negotiate for a raise or bonus. Either way, you might still be looking at a win-win situation.

2. You came into some extra money through a Christmas bonus or tax refund. It’s likely you knew in advance that you were going to get something, but you may not have been sure exactly how much.

The amount you did get turned out to be more than what you expected, enough to make a substantial down payment or pay the “up front” charges on a really good lease agreement, so you’ve decided to go ahead and start finding that new car.

Once you’ve started the hunt, you can also consider some of the new models that have come out lately as “eco-friendly.” There’s tons of new fuel efficient vehicles out there that don’t look as bad as some of the original electric or hybrid cars.

3. You want to donate your old car to charity. You know that you can do this for the deduction, but this is honestly not the main reason why you are doing it.

Rather, you know that donating your old car to charity could actually be the turning point in someone’s life because he or she now has transportation and can find or retain work, thus allowing the recipient to become self-sufficient, or actually being able to provide fully for a family without having to rely on government aid or anything else.

4. You’ve picked up your transmission from the middle of the road (literally) for the last time. Seriously, the car is starting to become a safety hazard because it has so many things wrong with it. You’ve gotten some repair estimates and you realize that finding cheap price would be better.

5. You handed your old car down to your newly-licensed child. The car still runs perfectly fine, and it is a good first car, and your child really, really needs a car to go to school and work. And, frankly, you’re more than ready to hand in your chauffeur’s license—even if it is just an imaginary one.

All of us need a new car now and again. Be sure if you’ve made the decision that a new car is needed that you look into what deals are available and shop around before making a final decision. Know what you want before going to the dealership and don’t let a salesperson persuade you to buy anything else.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Find a New Car

  1. I had two reasons when I had my new car, first of all my old wreck was begging to get scrapped and secondly I wasted something with a a little style and also economical to run. The added bonus was when I got my new car there was a scrap deal on so I got back more than my old car was worth!

  2. What car did you end up purchasing?
    I really want to get rid of our old 1996 F150, but its hard because I haven’t had a car payment for a long time and I don’t have enough in savings to purchase a new one.

  3. Buying a new or used car is nobody’s idea of fun. But when you’re buying new, you know what’s available, you know where to go to get it, and most importantly, you know what it’s going to cost you.

  4. I’ll be buying my first new car pretty soon and found this information to be helpful. The car I drive now isn’t a safety hazard or anything, but due to other outside forces I’ll be looking for other options. Thanks for the post!

  5. Buying a new or used car is nobody’s idea of fun. Notify me of new posts by email. What car did you end up purchasing?

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