June 14, 2024

How New Media is Changing Business

Right off the bat, that means three things:

1) You have to make your messages appealing in a very small space

2) Your efforts will be far more about branding than about immediate sales

3) Maintaining a line of communication with customers through long-term, relationship marketing becomes essential.

Of course, with the changing needs, the approaches to them are also improving.

Interactive Media

One example of this is interactive advertising, such as what is seen in interactive magazines on tablet computers or a bulk portion of the ads seen online. The idea behind interactive media is to get input or response from customers, not just sell them a product; quite the opposite, this form of advertisement often gives something away. In doing so, however, they have established a great amount of brand recognition and company trust.

A good example of this is Orabrush’s halitophobia video. This advertisement came in a variety of versions, from about thirty seconds to two minutes in length. The humorous nature of the video and the offer of a free product made it a smash success. This video also brings us to a couple other points about how new media has impacted the way we advertise.

It no longer costs nearly as much to start advertising. The halitaphobia video cost the company about $500 ā€” and has been seen thirteen million times. This means that successful advertising can happen more readily for smaller businesses, opening the market to a much broader group. Of course, the reason for the video’s success is largely that it used social media as a catalyst; to get the free sample, you had to share the video via your Facebook account.

By using social networking sites, advertisements can spread like wildfire. Additionally, though, it creates the start of a presence and relationship with those in the social networking community. Considering that people trust consumer recommendations about five times as much as they trust ads, having a good presence online is crucial.

Mobile & Interactive Advertising

We’re also on the cusp of the next generation of advertising, where ads on mobile phones will become more prominent, tablets will be seen as one of the major internet-accessing mediums, and television and Internet will continue to combine.

A good example of interactive advertising and new media is the following. Click the badge to be taken to a fun and interactive experience from Lookout.

LookOut Moble - Cell Phone Evolution

Establishing a solid presence in the web and mobile scene, as well as providing online sales, will be an increasingly important factor in company success in the years to come.

2 thoughts on “How New Media is Changing Business

  1. Hi Elysabeth, one of the greatest advantages we have on this new age marketing is ti’s a lot cheaper and ore productive to get a message out. I much rather be marketer in today’s age then when it was limited to T.V. and Radio,

    Personally I love how things are changing to mobile and social media. This is the best thing that has ever happens to the world we live in.

  2. Totally. TV and radio (Even billboards) are so massivly expensive. Making IGs, interactive IGs, using social media… these are all ways your message can spread without dumping extra money into the cause šŸ™‚

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