April 16, 2024

Bookmarks for December 21st through February 22nd

These are my links for December 21st through February 22nd:

  • Do Follow Blogs – Do Follow Blog Lists<br />
    Collection of do follow blogs that are useful for webmasters.
  • Guide: How to Backup Your WordPress Blog to the Cloud | arkarthick.com – As a blogger, you know the hard work you put in (time and effort) to create your kick-ass blog with all those awesome content. Backing up your blog is necessary anyway and having a simple solution ready to backup your information is invaluable. If you are a WordPress user, then you certainly know the value of having backup copies of your files and database, as there is a risk of losing your data all the time.
  • AdMoolah News and Views » AdSense Revenue Sharing Sites – This is a list of sites where AdSense publisher can use their own AdSense IDs to earn money
  • How to Design a Useful Footer – Traditionally, the footer is the place to put copyright information, your email address and sometimes your mailing address. Contact information is typically also included in a contact section of a website, though, and you could probably work the copyright into a different spot if necessary. Short of giving your pages a distinct end, why should you really even include a footer?
  • How to Edit a WordPress Theme – Part 2: Stylesheet – The task ahead of us today is to become familiar with the Stylesheet (style.css), which is responsible for the looks of fonts, headlines, various margins and paddings or images formatting.
  • Little Blogging Crackers: Get Backlinks On Autopilot | Blogging Guide – How to make a blog and a blog income – It’s not money that makes the on-line world go round…it’s backlinks.<br />
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    We all want more.<br />
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    We all want more quality backlinks.

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