April 15, 2024

Two sites to get a great price on electronics

This week I found two sites that will help you get some great deals on electronics, DVDs, and video games.


First up is GLYDE



Glyde is a new kind of marketplace that combines the great deals of a person-to-person online market with the ease of a retail store. Buy or Sell video games, dvds, cds, and books.

Some of the prices, NCAA Football 11 for the Xbox for $31, Madden 11 for the Xbox for $30, Fable 3 only $25

If you want to see you can list your item for free, Glyde takes %12 of the selling price. They send you a pre-stamped mailer.






Next would be QuiBids

From their how it works:

Each bid costs just $0.60. Bids are available in Bid Packs of 40, 75, 300, 600 and 800 bids. These bids are pre-paid and placed in your Bids Account. Each time you place a bid, your Bids Account is deducted one bid, and a maximum of 15 seconds is added to the timer every time someone bids. This gives enough time for someone else to make the decision to bid if they’re interested. This is similar to the “Going Once…Twice…SOLD” approach of auctions.

If you are the top bidder when the timer reaches zero, you win!  You then pay the ending auction price plus shipping.  If you do not win, you lose your bids that have been placed; however, we offer on most auctions a “Buy it Now” feature! This feature allows you to put the money spent in bids on the item towards buying the item. An example is illustrated below.

Image representing QuiBids as depicted in Crun...




It’s a penny auction site. You pre-purchase bids, yeah you have to pay to bid, but when the auctions end with prices like a


This is an auction I was watching, just to see if the winning bids they show on their ads really happen. It looks like they do. I’ve purchased a starter pack of bid and I’ve been watching some smaller items to make my first bid on.  Gift cards or even the Cisco Flip tend to pretty easy to get at a really low price.

I would recommend starting with the smaller items. they have some really good deals on small electronics and gift cards. Their own how-to info even tells the new bidder to stay away from the big ticket items in the beginning.

Image via CrunchBase


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