May 28, 2024

4 ways to use technology for a good cause

Technology is being embraced by everyday users. As technology expands so does its impact on our lives. In many cases technology is used to make life easier, but there are also instances where technology is being used to make a positive social and global impact. These days, there are plenty of charities and social causes that are benefiting from the use of modern technology.

The use of technology has made these charities more accessible, organized, and user friendly- it’s also great for branding, as many users take it upon themselves to show their appreciate for charities.

Take a look at some of the ways technology is changing the way we give back for the better:

Text To Donate

During times of great national tragedy, there are plenty of cell phone companies that have learned that the instant communication of the cell phone can be a benefit in raising money to provide relief. These companies have partnered up with charities like the American Red Cross to allow users to text a specified number for a donation. Simply texting the number creates an automatic donation that is billed right to the user’s monthly phone bill. This idea had great results with the 2010 Haiti Earthquake.


Many great charities are taking advantage of Twitter. Unlike other social media sites, the news feed on Twitter is the most important part, and good causes are using it to their advantage. They are hitting users with fast facts and website links where donations and information can be found about worthy causes. Since Twitter is an app on most smart phones, followers get up to the minute information about any events of fundraisers that might be going on.


Facebook is the king of social media and a major player in the philanthropy game. Charities all over the country are setting up shop on the largest social media network. Taking advantage of a direct line to over 100 million members, charities have found that they can post messages, upload videos, send mass emails, and forward charity drive information. More so than Twitter, Facebook has a greater ability to forward information for faster and better communication to generous individuals. There’s also plenty of applications that make supporting charities on Facebook even easier.

Easy Pay Donations

Charities have found a great way to increase the contributions of their supporters. Many charities spend an enormous amount of time calling on both new and old donors. With the growth in technology, charities can spend less time soliciting donations and more time helping people. Because the Internet has made giving so much easier, most charitable websites now have all relevant donation information on their website. Site like WePay have even extended themselves to helping families in need, by allowing for transparency in all donations so users can track and see exactly where the money is being spent by the families that receive the donation.

Non-profits are also using these websites to schedule monthly donations for contributors. This is so the average person can request a dollar amount to be paid monthly and not have to think about it again. Monthly payments make giving back second nature, and that’s only increasing the money these worthwhile causes see.

These days, charity is becoming more accessible and easier to manage. Technology is making it hard for people to not give back, and making it easier for the people who really want to do so. As technology grows, so will awareness and contributions to these great causes- including videos like this one for Kars for Kids where the participants actually get involved in giving the brand something extra.

Giving more is never a bad thing.

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  1. So, just so I get this correct, you cannot pay to a charity directly through Twitter, just keep informed about the charities through Twitter, right? It would be cool if you could donate directly from Twitter…

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