April 12, 2024

11 Sites Every Mom Should Keep Eyes On

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The Internet is literally filled with mom-centric websites. Some are sites with useful information, while others are filled with spam and those too-good-to-be-true offers that affiliate marketers hope you just can’t pass up. If you’re looking for some truly useful sites to fulfill your ultimate mom-ness, check these out:

1. Planning Family

If you’re not done in the baby department or your home is filled with toddlers, Planning Family is the go-to site for information about fertility, pregnancy and early child-rearing. This well-organized site even has grocery coupons and sweep stake information for a little bit of everything.

2. How to Entertain Kids

Tired of hearing that constant whine of, “I’m booooored”? So are a lot of parents. To answer this dilemma, How to Entertain Kids has stepped in to provide moms-at-a-loss easy ways to keep the boredom at bay. You’ll find everything from recipes to game ideas on this site.

3. SuperCook, Food 411, and Easy Breezy Recipes

Supermom has to be a SuperCook, right? If you’re out of ideas when it comes to dinner – or breakfast for that matter – simply use these sites for new ideas complete with instructions. Food 411 might be a little advanced for most little ones, but SuperCook and Easy Breezy are right up the typical family’s alley.

4. Gift Hero

So, your kid just got their umpteenth invitation for a birthday party? What to get, what to get! Leave it to Gift Hero. The masterminds behind this website will pick out the perfect gift for anyone and send it straight to your door. Guess what? It’ll even be gift-wrapped. If you’re buying a long-distance gift, it can go to THEIR doorstep instead.

5. Trip It

Planning a little family getaway? There’s a lot to organize and keep track of if you want it all to go smoothly. Trip It gives you a central location to keep your agenda and information organized, stored, and at your fingertips.

6. Shape Virtual Trainer

Finally motivated to get back your pre-mommy figure? Use this completely free tool as your personal trainer. When you can’t get it in gear, the Shape Virtual Trainer can give you a virtual kick in the pants.

7. Home Organize It

Everyone would love a perfectly organized home, but it’s easy to want and harder to have. Use this site for inspiration and room-by-room solutions for your general and hoarding tendencies.

8. ScrapTown

Have you been admiring those creative scrapbooks all your friends seem to have endless time to make? ScrapTown can show you how it’s done.

9. My Shop Space

Need to save a little money during your online shopping sprees? Use My Shop Space for the best coupons and special offers for your favorite products.

10. Newser

A concise, image-driven grid that lets you choose between soft and hard stories. It’s way faster than reading the paper or watch the TV news.

11. Design Mom

Create a more beautiful home with practical home decor tips from Design Mom Gabrielle Blair, mommy of six.

Once you add these websites to your favorites list, you’ll have that mom-of-the-year award in the bag.

What’s your favorite mommy site?

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