May 28, 2024

Google TV or Apple for a home theater

I’ve been researching tablets and a new TV.

I’m waiting on which TV I purchase until I decide on a tablet. If I decide to go with an Android tablet, I hope more TVs will come out with Google TV built in.

If I go with an Ipad2 and IOS5 then I’m thinking of getting a mac mini to connect to the TV. I still trying to figure out if airplay mirroring from the Ipad to a mac mini works so I could mirror my ipad onto the TV.

With the mac mini I could use Plex or XBMC

Apple is rumored to be announcing something October 4th, Google’s announcement for the release of the next version android is suppose to be the first few weeks of October.

If I just want to stream directly from the TV, I think Vizio and Samsung have the best built-in internet apps.

Here’s an airplay video


Plex and mac mini


Honeycomb for Google TV

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3 thoughts on “Google TV or Apple for a home theater

  1. Actually, I would suggest the iPad2 and the Google TV.
    The iPad2 is just the better overall tablet and will work just as well with the Google TV.
    The reason I recommend Google TV over the Apple TV is because you get so much more.
    While Apple tv is a great device, it’s still just a netflix and iTunes viewing box when it comes down to it.
    Google tv on the other hand actually integrates your television and your DVR with the internet (especially if you have Dish Network). Google TV is the only media box that has a built in web browser which comes in very handy.
    The new Honeycomb OS coming out in the next couple weeks should make it even better with access to the Android market.

  2. Oh, I just realized you said Mac Mini, not MacTV. If you have the option of getting a Mac Mini (about $700 more) do that. The only downside is flipping back and forth between inputs on your tv remote.

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