June 19, 2024

How Social Media Marketing Can Triple Your Blogging Business Easily

So you want to improve your blogging business easily?

With social media marketing, you can take your business to an entire different realm. I’ve seen the immense benefit of using social media marketing as a formidable weapon to trounce the competitive markets.

I discovered that you can’t always control Google and their algorithm updates, but you can dictate what happens within your sphere of contacts.

The era we are in business is densely populated. Everyone has been advised to start-up his blog using wordpress, it’s like a family business these days. Unfortunately, 89% of people who started blogging usually quit before the achieve success, within the first year.

The remaining 11% is going to decrease, leaving us with a tiny ratio. Blogging as a business requires “multifaceted” strategies.

One of such is “social media marketing.”

You might have been doing search engine optimization for months, please continue in it but incorporate social media strategies too. I’m yet to see any blogger who is satisfied with the level of targeted web traffic he receives.

Think About The Future

If you started a blog just to turn an instant millionaire, you may as well quit and get a high paying job elsewhere. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme and definitely not for desperate people who wants to raise money fast to pay up bills.

What you should be happy about, is that tomorrow is going to be great and fruitful. By continually writing quality articles on and off your blog, you’re improving your search engine authority. It wouldn’t take long before you start seeing tremendous results.

Social media helps you to build the right foundation for tomorrow. The more you network with intelligent prospects and build a strong business bond with them, the more they share your insightful contents with their friends, family and loved ones.

It’s All About Viral Marketing

Social media marketing ultimately leads to viral marketing. When people gather at a spot, they’re usually of likable minds. Whoever gets the right information first is inclined to share it with others.

The litmus test is simple: deliver the right content on your blog, across other networks and even when you are on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc.

There is a deliberate step that leads to viral distribution of your work. It must be timely, informative, life-changing, and easy to read. Any content that has these qualities has a better chance of going viral.

Marketing Takeaway

Whatever niche you’re into, it’s who you’re at the inside that produces the outside results. Once people begin to see you as a concerned person, they could do anything possible to speed up your success.

When I launched my coupon blog, I started researching helpful coupon codes like sittercity coupons, 6pm discounts etc. My social fans who shop online were able to save money – isn’t this priceless?

It doesn’t take years or eternity before you can see the results of being on twitter or Facebook. Only ensure your advertising campaigns; articles, videos, podcasts etc are a reflection of your true virtues. Be honest, look out for ways to connect and solve everyday problems – you’ll excel and grow your blog easily.

12 thoughts on “How Social Media Marketing Can Triple Your Blogging Business Easily

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  2. Love the article! In your opinion, how do you think Social Media Marketing has affected your business or especially this article? I am always interested in options on how social media marketing is used or affected by what you write online. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hello Smith, thank you for commenting on my guest post. I really appreciate. And to your question, social media has helped me to become a better copywriter and in this article. Before I write any piece and publish online, I have to ask my twitter fans what their biggest challenge it, a lot of them are also subscribed to my email list, as we communicate, I learn a lot from them and when writing, I have to fine-tune the topic and suit their needs.

      Also, social media is a link building system. The moment this guest post when live, I had to bookmark it on several social sites. It aids in ranking and authority of the content across the web. I hope I’ve answered your question – at least to some extent?

  3. Social media is great for increasing your traffic and also your sales. Although I have noticed that social media visitors tend to buy less that search engine visitors.

    1. Yes, you observed well. Before search engine traffic could buy from you, they need to know you more and that’s where relationship marketing comes in. Unlike search engine visitors; they are more targeted and often, have been presold on a given product before making a search.

      Thanks for your comment and point.

    2. Yeah, very true! It can be tough to sell anything to social media visitors. But like Michael said, social media is more about establishing a brand reputation in the long run and establishing relationships with people in the niche. I’d still consider it a very, very important aspect of marketing for this reason.

  4. Hello Admin Thank you for writing this Post. This Article has really some usefull info for me and your Post will help me very much for my next project.

    Thank you

  5. Well written post. Many people out there are just out to make quick money and they think that blogging is one avenue through which they can achieve this. Social media has been around fro quite sometime and it is sad that many bloggers have still not known the potential of social media. This is where many people are and hence higher chances of you making not only friends but also business partners and loyal customers.

  6. There are really a lot of good things that social media gives to its users. And of the benefits that it really gives to best ways on how to promote your niche.

  7. Social marketing also allow you to attract more visitors towards your website and help increase popularity of your business in the field of marketing.

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