February 29, 2024

Education and Career Goals for the College Graduate

You’re on your way to living your dream. You’ve taken classes at the university and have almost graduated. What else can you do to prepare for the career of your dreams?

Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Keep reading. Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean you know it all. Glean some additional education through reading recently published books on your career. And keep learning, even after you’ve been hired.
  • Consider getting a job through a job service agency such as Adecco USA temporary staffing services. Staffing services offer temporary work to companies needing labor for only a short period of time. The good news is the company may decide they can’t do without you and hire you for a permanent, full-time position later.
  • Check with businesses directly. Not everyone advertises. Also, speak with others through a social networking group. Someone else may know of a job opening that you’re not aware of.

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  • Take any additional classes for your desired position that weren’t handled in college. Sometimes, people decide to go in a slightly different direction than they first imagined while in school and neglect to take a class or two that will more fully satisfy a particular job category. Set goals for yourself; both long and short-term. A short-term goal would be to get a ground level position at your favorite company; a longer term goal would be to write down what job within the company you ultimately want and the steps you are going to take to get there.
  • Get an internship. No, some of them don’t pay, but the experience will be rewarding. You may even get hired on by the company later.
  • Learn from a mentor. A great mentor can help you with a skill you want to develop or improve. A mentor can guide you to greener pastures within the job market and help with your weaknesses. A mentor is someone who is already proficient in what they are teaching. If your mentor is an author, he has already published; if they are a carpenter, he has already built and sold his work. Though some mentors expect payment for their services, others will allow you to learn and observe for free.

Living your dream means not only getting the education you need to fulfill the needs of the position but continually setting goals to arrive where you want to be. Nothing happens overnight, and everything is possible when time and effort is put into preparing for your dream.

About the Author: Dorethea Bresee is an employment specialist who regularly works with high school and college graduates. She highly recommends individuals in search of employment consider all options before settling into one particular job type.

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  1. Hey, really good advice. The grad job market is tough and a degree is not enough these days. You need work and life expereince. Unpaid work experience is often a must today so distinguish yourself from the competition. I have a load more info for recent college grads on my site for things such as mentoring, professional development, preparing for interviews etc at Graduate Career Tips

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