May 28, 2024

Do I Need To Check My Blog For Duplicate Copy

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Plagiarism is an extremely dirty word in the industry of writing. It is one of the fastest, surest ways to completely shoot your credibility to pieces. That does not mean that every instance of duplicate content was a malicious attempt at profiting off another’s work. Highly specialized niche fields can have a lot of similar terminology that creates the appearance of a copy. A blogger that permits guest posts needs to be exceedingly vigilant against these kinds of practices. It is not uncommon for a person to try and just submit the same article they wrote for their blog to your blog. That certainly does little to help promote the unique nature of the content you are providing. In addition, there are several other reasons to pay close attention to duplicate content.


Things To Consider

In the past year, search engines have taken a number of steps to help weed out dishonest and manipulative sites. Duplicate content filters were one such area that have been heavily upgraded. They will find the duplicate content and penalize accordingly, it is only a matter of time.


Check posts and submitted graphics against Copyscape or TinEye to potentially find duplicated content. It certainly is not a good idea to always trust another blogger to that end. They themselves may not even know that the given content is already compromised.


Readers are visiting to try and gain valuable knowledge and insight on a particular subject. Reading the same articles multiple times really does not change anything for them. Even updating old articles by adding new facts or going through to issue corrections on different points can help boost the popularity of the page and give past readers an opportunity to return.


Providing suspicious content on a blog is going to make potential honest bloggers turn off to you. They are not going to want to risk having their guest article run on a blog that is toeing the lines of decency. They will instead go with the safer route and avoid your blog all together.


End up blacklisted because of it? All of your efforts now officially mean nothing. There is nowhere to go but uphill from that point on out. The struggle will involve the search engines that automatically assume your blog is ran by a less scrupulous entity. In the field of writing, there is no greater sin than plagiarism; whether on purpose or otherwise, your work will not be viewed the same.


Finally, Pay-Per-Click campaigns like Adsense hate to see this sort of behavior. Engaging in it is seen as gaming the system in a very negative way. Thus, you may find that the controlling company banned or is now ignoring your blog because of these tactics. It is not uncommon for these entities to get their PPC accounts shut down altogether.


Protecting Yourself, Your Blog, Your Interests

Though the terms plagiarism and duplicate content are used; it is not always through pure malevolence that these things happen. It can just as easily be a piece of information with similarly styled writing that the author has put forward. Not everyone can easily interpret how exactly terms of use apply in regards to the images they post. Therefore, you need to ensure you are vigilant in protecting the quantity and quality of information that appears on your blog.


Update your blog with regular, meaningful content that can only be found on your blog. Any guest posts you write should be solely for the target blog, their respective audience, with a link-back to your own website. Do that and you will be able to build an excellent complimentary resource for all of your readers.


Jeff has been blogging since 2007 & contributing on many websites since that time. He is a professional internet marketing and blogging consultant. Jeff is also a consultant and content contributor for New York City condominiums community.

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11 thoughts on “Do I Need To Check My Blog For Duplicate Copy

  1. Copying what another person has put so much work into is not right and should be avoided at all costs. It is important to be unique in whatever you do. I am glad that there are now even better measures to prevent people from stealing other people`s content.

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  3. You know what Jeff wherever you go in this world there is always plagiarism even in the simple word or things. Sad to say that there are writers who use to copy and paste the idea of the other person which is not really good.

    1. Hi Nicholle,
      unfortunately you’re right. There is to many copy/paste content around us. Luckily for us, search engines are working on that. If you are writing about already explored topic, you must add more value and provide new facts to readers. That is at least you can do.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Plagiarism is inexcusable – but it is much more common than people think.

    I recently saw one of my blogs take a tumble in the rankings – and I assumed that I had been hit by the Google Panda update. However, more or less on a whim, I cut a few paragraphs from the home page and pasted them into Google search. I was shocked to see that my purple prose had been reused in a number of different places.

    I rewrote my home page – didn’t take long – and my blog started to climb up the rankings again.

    I could have gone after the plagiarists – but it would have taken a lot more time and effort. Most of the copy was used on “feeder” sites with no Who-Is info anyway.

    Anyway, it’s well worth checking that your work is not being ripped off. Thank you for a timely reminder.

  5. Great tips you can never be to safe when it comes to your blog. Thanks for the advice, TinEye is a great resource.

  6. I do agree that it is very much important that you check all the blogs submitted on your site that way you can get rid of the issue of plagiarism. I also do believe that having a duplicate copy of the contents that you will have on your blog may ruin your niche.

  7. well said, the quality of content matters most nowadays many seems to be involved in duplicate content only for the sake of earning link juice but in fact such content don’t make any sense. To demote such an activity Google has brought various panda updates, even recently Panda 3.4 has been declared where number of sites involved in such shady practice has been demoted.

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